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Why make videos for women?

My desire to shoot videos started with perfume ads on TV...
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Why make videos for women?

To help you love yourself... Have you ever dreamed of, just for a moment, forgetting your physical appearance and what others think of you? To see your smile and your eyes scroll before you through images like a movie star...

Since my childhood, perfume ads were a necessary resource for my inspiration.

Most of the time, the muses are models or actresses. Could we never have that, us, the non-famous women?

Video is to show women from a different angle, moving, in scenes happening one after the other.

I want the muses to be you! It’s something that makes me vibrate deep within me.

May these little movies give you the confidence of an atomic bomb. May you feel so much like yourself, that self-love becomes possible. Exploring your personality and making you feel radiant.

You can see below the first teaser of my first videos.

So, do you want to try?

So that life is sweet and happy.

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