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What if, girls, we decided to be ourselves?

A shoot with a woman in the heat of summer
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What if, girls, we decided to be ourselves?

Yes, everything starts from here.

What if I managed to pause my thoughts, forget the lists of things to do? What if I took two hours for myself? Would life change? For me, yes, it would…

If the time came, I would discover new things. And what if, especially, others’ gaze on me changed? I would move forward differently.

I would choose to be in my new skin, to find a better path…

To tame myself, to accept myself… Smiling in front of the mirror, putting a little blush on my cheeks, reducing my fears.

I would gently take on the marks of passing time; the marks of life, those left by our babies…

To no longer be ashamed of a physical or mental scar.

I want to listen to you, to show you that despite everything, photography allows progress on the self

May life be sweet and happy…

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