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To be face to face with oneself

An intimate moment with yourself
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To be face to face with oneself

Because you do not doubt your power... Let the light in... You will shine 💓.

There would be so much to say about passing in front of the camera… It’s an invitation to let go of your emotions…

To challenge yourself, to learn to love yourself, to discover who you are, or just to have fun.

When you want to dive in, think first of a photographer who will be in alignment with your personality. Each photographer has their own visual identity and story. What will he or she who puts you in the spotlight be able to give you?

For my part, it is rather sensitive and reserved women who call on me because I myself am like that too. I am sweet, and you have my full attention, I am here to show you what I see in you. When I know people more, my grain of madness mingles with the session.

I learned a lot by following therapy, which allows me to better understand others, and of course to know what I really want and who I really am.

If you want advice, don’t hesitate to send me an email so that I can tell you what would be best for you.

I remain at your disposal, whether for a photo session or, if you want to go even further in the desire to feel free, for a photo shoot combined with video.

So that life is sweet and happy.

See you soon.

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