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The importance of prints

In all my options, there are prints. I can't leave my pictures dormant in a computer.
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The importance of prints

To be able to look at our pictures, to hang them on the wall, to frame them...

At home, there are albums, frames (many frames), boxes of prints…

I like to look at photos on paper, even more than from my computer. What I like the most is to see pictures on the wall. It makes me smile, it’s inspiring, you want to take even more photos, so that all the memories are there.

I am afraid to forget, afraid my memory will fail me. I need to know that my children will have a memory of themselves, as children, with us.

I like prints very much, maybe because I come from the era of film. I was so impatient. The end of the film, dropping it off, and then the wait… it was too long! 😊 Waiting for the call, the day on which I could recover my prints.

And after, the opening of the envelope, the negatives in a first pocket and the prints in a second. I liked it when I could have them developed with a white margin, it meant finishing the picture to me. Just writing it, I feel it all. So when I made my collections, I immediately wanted to include prints and white margins! To extend the magic of the session. An experience that continues on, so that you can also have the sensation of discovery, of vibrating again.

So, if you want to live that too, don’t hesitate to send me an email, or just tell me what you think!

So that life is sweet and happy!

See you soon


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