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Newborn shoot at home

I am very happy to present to you today a home-shoot following the arrival of a baby.
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Newborn shoot at home

Today, I have the pleasure of presenting you with a shoot realised at home of a 15-day old baby.

Being the first post of this new site, the clocks are being set back to zero. It’s also a desire to share a symbolic shoot for me, one that initiated me full time into my small business, as several days before I was saying “goodbye” to my job.

I was also entering my fourth month of pregnancy. It was with a certain inner strength that I went to meet this little guy born just the day after my birthday. 🎂😉

My little sweetie remained practically the entire shoot warmly nudged between his parents, moved by what the most beautiful things life can offer us. It is with great emotion that I captured these precious moments, because our children grow up so fast!

A session with a newborn has that particular flavour; that sometimes inexpressible feeling that cannot be captured through words but is easier to express in photos.

Even yesterday, I received, almost a year later, a wall photo of this beautiful family with images from this shoot. I know —yes, I know— what I have always liked in photography. It is about never forgetting these precious moments in life. From black and white to colour, may my emotions be reflected through you and your story.

Yes, photography is creating a link. All this can be shown to your children and those that will follow. And I will have been there.

This time, I’m sharing my photos.

A tender and delicate moment.

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