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And if I talked about a project about a woman’s portrait

Presentation of a project around the portrait of a woman
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And if I talked about a project about a woman’s portrait

There are some projects that we love deeply... This is one of them. Come on, I'll explain!

Three years ago was the birth of my company. After a long battle with myself, I had embarked on this incredible adventure. At the same time, I had started a more personal project: Project Woman (as I had named it at the time).

I quickly abandoned it though as I could not devote the time I would have wanted to it. However, some time ago, I felt the desire to talk to you about it. Although the want to exhibit this project has not yet been achieved, it remains of great value to me.

I want to present you three photos made between late 2015 and early 2016. Having had imposed on myself a lot of constraints to achieve them, I had preferred to leave them aside to spend time in shoots with you.

The photography of women is part of my photographic fingerprint. Already as a teen I was doing portraits of the women around me, and especially portraits of friends who jovially agreed to play the part in my imposed shoots! Sometimes, it even allowed them to overcome certain fears.

Later, I had the happiness of having professional requests through the development of my company. Women wanting a different view of themselves. Some needed to find a kindred spirit who could understand them. My shyness and reserve were part of it. Those shoots were a real contribution to my portraits of women.

I want to further develop these shoots to instill in them an even more intense meaning, so they become almost therapeutic. I’m not a doctor, and I do not mean to revolutionise your life, but rather to help you in another way. Simply being there with my own experience on improving my self-worth. Most of all though, I want to be the listener that women wish for.

Being able to discuss what hinders them so that we can work through all the inhibitions in order to realise portraits that mark a renewal of the self and a sensation of profound freedom. I would be happy to be able to support you in these moments of your life.

May life be sweet and happy.

See you soon.

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