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A little girl's dream with Victoria

Actresses... Those who act out different lives... Who offer themselves to us...
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A little girl's dream with Victoria

Sharing dreams together... Let's go!

“Actresses… Those who act out different lives… Who offer themselves to us…

Fascination, admiration. They who dare to be on the other side of the camera. They use their qualities and faults to play the game through their characters.

In my room, as a little girl, they were all close to me, the most beautiful actresses in the world. Photographs from the greatest in the profession; they who had the chance of capturing images of those creatures…

They were there, the incendiary brunettes; Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz… The blonde Sarah Michelle Gellar, during the time of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, I know this doesn’t make me look any younger, 😉 but I have to say that through her role she was one of my heroines due to her courage and strength of character.

Actresses are a source of inspiration. They move us from our day-to-day routines by playing women just like us, or even the opposite; women we will never be.

A few years later begins the start of a new dream. In 2017, a young girl wanted to take photos because she wanted to become an actress (the photos from this article). I had the chance of being the photographer to realise her first photobook.

She then went to Paris with her dream and my photos in hand.

Before long, she was talent-spotted and filmed her first role in a tv show. In 2018, we had another shoot because she needed new photos, as requested by her agent (the same one as Pierre Niney’s).

You can imagine the pressure…

Now, we are waiting for what’s to come next, and I am happy to have participated in this incredible adventure!”

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