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A baby report at the maternity ward in Besançon

To keep a trace of your baby's very first days
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A baby report at the maternity ward in Besançon

It is always a real pleasure and especially an immense joy to photograph your baby.

A session at the maternity ward gives off a very special feeling…

Your baby is only a few hours old, and it’s the discovery of his first mimics, his first smiles to the angels. First hugs, kisses of an incomparable tenderness. Everything is there. A parents’ love who are happy to experience new things in their life.

And as here, in this report, moments with brothers and sisters.

Reporting is to capture life as it is. A little mess in the room, the crying baby, the tired mother. Yes, it is letting things be. I don’t push anything, we go along with the little one’s pace, and yours too.

The key is to never forget these moments.

One possible moment you could capture is the first bath.

If you have questions about maternity ward reporting, do not hesitate!

So that life is sweet and happy.

To those memories 💕. The video report to keep a trace of the ephemeral…

In the future, with you

To forget nothing

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